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Matt Sikich is Pro Family

Growing up in Minnesota, it has always clear to me that family is foundational to our way of life.

When families flourish, it benefits everyone! Our whole community flourishes.

While representing you in St Paul, I will support policies that promote and strengthen Minnesota families.

I will make sure that families are given the tax breaks they need to stay strong and healthy. I support education to the utmost. Children are our future and they need the best education possible. I support health care policies that make sure everyone stays strong and healthy.

Matt Sikich is Pro Environment

We need to preserve the quality of our soil, air and water. Being good environmental stewards is critical to our success now and for future generations.
It is clear to me that the economic development of natural resources can be
balanced with environmental stewardship.

I support research and development of alternative forms of energy by
private initiatives.

It is important that we follow commonsense practices in forest, wetlands and wildlife management. In most cases, we can promote multiple uses of natural resources.

Farmers are important. I encourage free enterprise in the agricultural economy, and support technological advances in the creation, processing and use of agricultural products and natural resources.

Matt Sikich is Pro Education

Minnesota parents want the very best for their children.

When it comes to your children's education, I believe that you, the parent, know best. That is why I support programs and policies that will allow you more choices.

I want to help empower parents and provide greater opportunities for their children.

It is time to decentralize our education system and give the power or choice back to you.

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